Taeyang misses his members

How very sweet of Taeyang.

Check out the rest of his entry. Credit dkpopnews and pgeorgie@alwaystaeyang.wordpress

It feels like only yesterday that my solo album came out but it was already two month ago. I’ve just wrapped up my 60-odd days of solo activities. Looking back, the release had been delayed quite a bit and I realize that I had made you wait for too long.
When I first held a copy of my first album in my hands, with my name on it, I remember I had this hard to describe feeling. All these memories poured out – the days I had to work alone, I used to be with the guys all the time and now I was alone in the recording studio, working by myself. Some things were more difficult but I also had some fun. It was also a very moving experience. And a proud one as well.
Most importantly, I felt responsible to do well because I knew you’d been waiting for so long. When I first started my solo activities, everything felt new. Even the TV studios where I used to feel so comfortable and familiar now felt a bit awkward. I even felt a bit overwhelmed. However, I knew you were always there for me to support me. That really helped me and gave me strength. I think I appreciated the presence of my bandmates more than ever during my solo activities. On the stage, in the dressing room – things felt a bit unfamiliar somehow and I felt lonely especially in the dressing room. I had to eat alone – had to do practically everything alone. I just missed the guys a lot. So when I was back at our apartment after a day’s work, I was just so glad to see them again.

My solo period was a real eye-opener for me. Learned lots of new things. First off, there was only me on the stage, instead of five of us, which helped me clearly realize what needed to be improved. Now I can see what I should work on and in which direction. I also realized how much the other members meant to me. To sum it up, it was just such a great, priceless experience. Last but not least, the experience helped me realize that I am the happiest when I am on stage be it as Big Bang or by myself.


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